Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trattoria di Carmelo da Croce Bonaci

New restaurant / trattoria in Merchant's Street, Valletta, in vicinity of Dorothy Perkins. Pasta, salads, meat, antipasti, burgers, wraps and Maltese dishes. Seats 32 people.
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 8.30 - 15.30; Saturday evening 19.30 - 23.00.
Tel: 2702 0702, 7904 8664, 9906 3069.

Brunch n More

New self-service coffee shop, bakery and snack bar in Merchant's Street. In the vicinity of BHS and Camilleri sweet shop. Hot and cold snacks, baguettes, noodles and more. Standing room downstairs, tables upstairs.
Opening hours 8.30 - 15.45.
43 Merchant's Street, Valletta.