Monday, August 31, 2009


New restaurant in Birgu. The 'private dining concept', where patrons and the chef decide on a customized menu together, is new to the local market.
Each recipe is prepared with local, seasonal produce, prepared within hours of purchase. Tal-Petut offers a vast selection of wines, however patrons can also bring their own wines, at a corkage fee per person.
The house is ideally suited to being reserved for a private function, consisting of three separate dining areas and a bar. Tal-Petut recommends groups from six to eighteen for a more customized and friendly environment, although larger groups up to eighty can be hosted.
20 Triq Pacifiku Scicluna, Birgu.
Tel: 7942 1169. Email:


  1. just as described... perfect homely restaurant where food and wine are taken very seriously. Great Value for money.

  2. Went to tal-petut restaurant, antipasti alone cost me 64 euro. Nothing special in fact antipasti consisted of only four dips and a few vegetables, not to mention that a supposed ġbejna friska was in fact mozzarella. I was very disappointed and the worst of all was the price. Food was not really fresh and it was not traditional maltese food infact when I asked for some maltese biscuits and some dates they didn't have. I would definitely never go again and would not recommend this restaurant to anyone. You won't get your moneys worth, there are many other maltese restaurants that offer better food and good value for money.